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past projects


sudronen in a fogou  | 2023

a development on my previous project into caves and drone music, sudronen in a fogou is a project specifically focussed on the cornish caves known as 'fogous'. i explored the question 'does an acoustic and/or acoustemological enquiry into carn Euny fogou support the theory that fogous were ritual spaces?'. in response to my researched i designed a composition for strings which was performed in Carn Euny fogou. 

Carnglaze Caverns

sudronen  | 2023

sudronen (cornish for ‘drone’) is a piece of experimental drone-music 12 minutes in length. it is the production of a project demonstrating an exploration into the history and application of drones and noise within music and sound, using audio recorded in their natural environments (i.e., not created through synthetic means or digital manipulation) and natural means of drone enhancement, by way of reverberation, acoustics, and noise. 

the project is made up of recordings from within cornish structures like fogou's (“a cave or underground chamber, only found in cornwall, either man-made or natural” of which “no two structures are exactly alike”), holy well's, and caves, like carnglaze caverns (where this photo was taken).

read more about my exploration into drone here

A tree

beale's tree - tracing absence @ whitechapel gallery | 2022

beale’s tree is a piece of electroacoustic music created using a soma ether wide-band receiver mounted on a prunus serrulate (cherry tree). the tree represents the impermanent nature of life, and in this case is a marker of a family loss. the audio produced by the tree explores the constant, invisible electromagnetic world that functions around us. it reads the human traces of its surroundings and signals the interconnectedness between living beings. the 4 different radio interference clips heard make up the sole audio of the piece, with a heavily manipulated version creating a background ambient melody.

it featured in the whitechapel gallery's 'tracing absence' exhibition alongside a selection of works from the christen sveaas art foundation.

Contact microphone

splint | 2021

i performed as part of a group exhibition called splint! - a group of female emerging artists all keenly moving forward in their practice. age irrelevant. time irrelevant. supportive. constructive and challenging. coming together to discuss, create and exhibit.

the performance was a live improvisation using contact microphones to track the movement of people in the room, getting drinks at the drinks table, viewing different art works, and general chatter. i made a generative max patch which manipulated the audio live in the room and create an ambient soundscape full of echo, delays, harmonic drones, and general noise.

it took place in david mach's studio, havelock walk, london.

Yiskāh live performance

yiskāh | 2016

this performance took place during the beginning of june 2016. in collaboration with performers, klara and petter, in gothenburg, yiskāh was a 45-minute sound experience utilising the ability to stream klara and petter live in the venue. they performed on instruments while i manipulated the output using max/msp and supercollider. they were visually present in the room. additional visuals created by artist ak waara provided a narrative to compliment the soundscape, further enveloping the audience and enhancing the experience of the piece. this was the birth of the performance persona 'yiskah'.

Cities & Memory The Next Station logo

the next station | 2016

as part of a london underground soundmap project created by cities and memory i created a piece of music to represent westminster tube station. i re-imagined a zoom h4n recording of a tube journey to westminster to create a piece made of drones and ambience. it reflected the current political stance of the country with the brexit vote.

Writing on a page

hank | 2015

hank was an audio experiment using feedback and simple means of recording between myself and johan weber. we utilised every element of the idea of 'feedback', including a call and response style reading between myself and johan.

The Spider & The Fly live performance

the spider and the fly | 2015

the spider and the fly was a collaborative performance by myself and petter ekelund in gothenburg, sweden. through this Industrial sci-fi performance we set out to emulate the feeling of being trapped inside a mask, with it becoming increasingly more difficult to breathe. this project signified the moving of my practice from a recorded to more performance-based medium. 

Dolour live performance

dolour | 2014

i created a max patch that used movement tracking (captured by a camera) to trigger various different effects. it was used in a performance that followed the theme of ‘expressionism’, during which a dancer, pippa symonds, improvised by responding emotionally to the sounds triggered by my collaborative partner, georgie brace’s, expressionism and synaesthesia inspired patch.

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