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by Jez riley French

mineral sublimation in solutions of rain or river water near to the location of gathering adjusted, slightly

more acidity

air trapped for thousands of years released as the surfaces slip

the constant process

accelerated, through pollution we are dissolving the planet


dissolves_lugnas features minerals collected near to Lugnas, Mariestad Municipality, Västra Götaland, Sweden, alongside low frequencies of a local building being resonated by the earth spinning on its axis. A longer version has been exhibited as a four channel installation in the UK, Japan and Sweden.


Recorded using JrF microphones and adapted geophones.


dissolves is a series of works focused on the sound of mineral, ceramics and civic structures shifting through the actions of acid rain, neglect and performative techniques.



Jez riley French

Focusing on sound as both material and subject, JrF’s work uses a variety of formats to explore place, sounds outside of our attention, our response to located materials and the role of perception.


Alongside performances and exhibitions Jez gives talks and curates workshops on located sound as an art form and has developed a range of specialist microphones and techniques now widely used across sound culture.


He works extensively on recordings of objects, spaces and situations, as well as working with the image, texts and photographic scores.


Key works involve the sound of architectural resonance, spaces between buildings in Japan, the inner sounds of plants and soil horizons, teleferica’s interacting with locales, the infrasound of domestic spaces, glaciers melting and performance across landscapes.

jez riley french - dissolves_lugnas (image).png
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