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hErAld of SpRing

by ollyneanderthal


A 2021 study found that the keratinous structure on the head of Elasmotherium, a giant Pleistocene rhinoceros, functioned not as a defensive horn, but rather as a resonating chamber that would have produced sounds incomparable to any living animal. I wanted to draw Elasmotherium as this kind of primordial herald of spring, using its infrasonic rumbling soundwave to shape the earth around it, the bison image on its torso being based on the paintings of the Altamira Cave in Spain. Each of the masked celebrants dancing around the herald are wearing aspects based on Eurasian fauna, two extant and two extinct; the barn owl, European hare, wild horse and aurochs. Elasmotherium is often referred to as the “Siberian Unicorn”, and I think that mythical association is nice, it definitely feels like a special animal, and I wanted to emphasize its magic here.


IG: @ollyneanderthal 

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