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issUe #1 lAUnCh

by Jessica Beechey


The inaugural edition of Boulderdash debuted with a magnificent day-long celebration of experimental music amidst the rugged charm of Cornwall's Fish Factory in Penryn. The event was run in conjunction with Electronics Symposium, an event renowned for its diverse, engaging, and hands-on exploration of electronic and analogue music. Drawing upon the collective expertise of local and visiting audio/visual artists, the symposium offers a rich tapestry of knowledge through lectures, workshops, and live performances.


The festivities commenced with a captivating DIY collaging session led by Jess Pemberton, seamlessly transitioning into a harsh noise performance by the dynamic Penryn duo, Of None - an unexpected fusion that proved to be an auditory revelation, setting the tone for the day ahead.


Following this, Jasmine Blackmoore's noisemaking workshop took center stage, where participants manipulated live, organic sound sources through dense and textural effects, thereby redefining the essence of "rock music."
A snippet of the ensuing spontaneous collaborative performance
is available for listening, capturing the essence of the moment.


The remainder of the day unfolded with mesmerising performances by Archy Finn, who entranced the audience with a dreamy drone crafted from a Lyra-8 synthesizer; Will Parker, who unveiled his audio-visual project "Red Lake / Black Mine," inspired by his encounters and auditory explorations in post-industrial Cornwall; Yiskah & Gossen, whose collaborative drone performance crescendoed into a literal blow out; London-based Tam Lin, who seamlessly navigated between baroque hyperrealities and digital degradation; and J.Lynch, who presented a full-band rendition of his evocative music inspired by drones and field recordings from Cornwall's folklore-laden landscapes. A preview of his recently released album, "Brythonic Problem," features later in this issue.


A huge thank you to Jess Pemberton for providing stunning live visuals during multiple performances throughout the day. You can view some stills from her incredible work on the opposite page.


A big shout-out of gratitude to all the individuals who played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of the day: Sonny McMillan, Georgie Brace, Jasmine Blackmoore, Dan Ledley, Electronics Symposium, and Fish Factory. And to everyone who graced us with their presence, actively engaged, purchased a zine, and stayed with us till the very end, thank you! Your unwavering support and enthusiasm made the event an absolute success.

boulderdash event live visual still 3.jpg
boulderdash event live visual still 6.jpg
boulderdash event live visual still 5.jpg
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